Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Boats Around The Globe

Stairway to Heaven

Items in the rear-view mirror are closer than they appear...

The Royal Archway

This picture was taken last Autumn in London. I was drawn into the scene by the bright red of the jacket against the dark archway.

The Royal Wedding procession recently took route through this archway, and it was in this enclosure that William and Kate shared what they thought was a private holding of hands - unaware of the overhead cameras.

Cat Nap

The Superbikes at Oulton Park

The Superbikes came to Oulton Park in Cheshire, along with what seemed like every other bike within a 100 mile radius.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bradfax Mill - The Fragile Remains

Nestled between Tetley Street and Fulton Street, a short walk from Bradford Town Hall, sits the fragile remains of Bradfax Mill. There's not much to be found in the way of history of this place, but it's now in a very weak state, with the floors dotted with holes. Paint cans show the professions of the previous inhabitants, while the hyperdermic needles scattered around show the dubious leisure activities of the new inhabitants.